It turns out that big things start from a little dream.

As an interior designer who designed for several years many restaurants and spas in Manhattan, I have always dreamed of opening an alternative place for my community. Where one can enjoy the taste of Yerushalayim’s coffee shops and the atmosphere of European’s luxury cafés. So what is the alternative? Chocochino Café!!!

At Chocochino Café you will find fresh baked goods, paninis, pizza, gourmet sandwiches, omelettes, smoothies, fresh juices, malawach, jachnun, our unique 100% whole wheat Belgian waffles and much more.

Imagine you are sitting in a big cave of salt. The ceiling, walls, and under floor is covered with salt that is brought over from Europe’s salt caves. Salt provides a pure and natural technique to boast your immune and respiratory system from all the toxic and pollution that is found in the air. Come and relax in our sophisticated state-of-the-art salt cave café while you breathe the pure salt crystals into your lungs.

At Chocochino Café the atmosphere is a mixture of a European’s aroma with Jerusalem’s taste. It is expressed with the design and menu.

Chocochino Café is the community café.
Chocochino Café. The only place to be!
Creating a New Way of Life
Come and enjoy our delicious combos